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What Kind Of Food Packaging Is Safe?
- Oct 10, 2017 -

At present, a wide variety of food packaging plastic bags, it is important made of two kinds of plastic film: one is made of polyethylene, polypropylene and ammonia, and the other is made of pvc. Among them, PVC is a toxic variety, although PVC resin itself non-toxic, but in the production process to add plasticizers, it will produce toxicity. In addition, stabilizing agent has been added to some plastic products, which is an important stabilizer of lead stearate, lead salt which is easy to precipitate into the human body can cause accumulation of lead poisoning and harm the health of consumers. 

[bag] food selection and use of qualified food plastic packaging bags, should be detailed as follows: 

1. plastic food packaging bag packaging should have Chinese logo, label name and address, product name, and indicate the words "for food" in a conspicuous place. 

All products are inspected with inspection certificate after leaving the factory. 

2. plastic packaging bags for food are odorless and have a special odor. They are not used for food packaging. 

3. plastic bags of color (currently on the market with the dark red or black etc.) can not be used for food packaging. As such plastic packaging bags are often made from recycled plastic. 

4., as far as possible choose without coating, coating material. From the modern packaging design, in order to make packaging more beautiful, corrosion resistance, many manufacturers use with coating materials, which not only for recycling, scrap after exercise is difficult, and most of their paint has toxicity, if people eat this package of food, will cause great harm to the people body. In addition, the process of coating and plating also brings great pollution to the environment.  Such as volatile paint toxicity, solvents, gases, electroplating, the production of chromium waste liquid, waste residue and so on.  Therefore, it is necessary to choose the coating material without coating and coating as much as possible. 

5., because plastic packaging bags are not easy to degrade the characteristics of the food, it will cause environmental pollution, therefore, when purchasing food Baidu optimization, it is best to use green packaging materials. Paper is the most widely used green packaging material at present. Therefore, in the choice of food, it is best to choose the original paper packaging is appropriate, biodegradable plastics can also be.

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