Keeping Fresh of the Corn Bag

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The high temperature cooking bag is a composite plastic film bag that can be heat treated, and has the advantages of both a can container and a boiling water resistant plastic bag. The food can be left intact in the bag, sterilized and heated after high temperature (generally 120~135 °C), and taken out for consumption. After more than ten years of use, it is an ideal packaging container for sales. It is suitable for the packaging of meat and soy products. It is convenient, hygienic and practical, and can maintain the original flavor of the food very well.


1. The retort pouch also has a high barrier property. The difference in the function of the plastic material is not the same. The retort pouch can reach the high isolation effect on oxygen, water, carbon dioxide and odor.

2, the retort pouch has excellent food hygiene, and does not contain harmful substances to humans. After high temperature cooking, it will not cause harmful substances to humans, high temperature cooking bags, long-term touch with food, chemical function is stable, and will not be with food. The chemical reaction of various ingredients in the body can produce substances harmful to the human body.

3The retort pouch has excellent heat resistance and is cooked at 121 °C for 40 minutes. Its packaging film and bag scale are stable, no deformation, no delamination, no cracking at the heat seal, aluminum foil retort pouch manufacturers, and good quality. , fresh, odor-keeping effect.

4, relative to glass packaging, aluminum foil packaging and other plastic packaging, to achieve the same isolation, aluminum foil retort pouch price, retort pouch has a greater advantage in cost, because the technology is simple, the film product cost and dry compound Compared with other composite films, films can be cut by 10-20%.

5. The retort pouch has the characteristics of stretching during the processing. After the plastic is stretched, the strength can be improved accordingly. It can also participate in the plastic materials such as nylon and metallocene polyethylene in the center, so that it has the composite strength beyond the usual plastic packaging. There is a layered peeling appearance, good softness, excellent heat sealing function.



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