Tote Bag

The tote bag is a simple bag made of paper, plastic, non-woven industrial cardboard. Such products are usually used in manufacturers to hold products. There are also a lot of fashionable and avant-garde westerners who use the tote bag as a bag product, which can be matched with other dresses, so it is more and more popular among young people.
Classified by material
Cotton and linen tote bags are stronger than paper bags and can be recycled many times, but the water resistance is not good. The advantage of cotton and linen shopping bags is that they can be recycled and can be cleaned.
The material of the canvas bag is the same as that of the cotton bag. It is durable and the fabric of this eco-friendly canvas bag has not been damaged for many years. The eco-friendly canvas bag has many styles and new styles. It can be used as a general green shopping bag, and can also be used as a promotional gift for enterprises.
From handbag packaging to handbag printing to use, it not only provides convenience for shoppers, but also takes the opportunity to re-market products or brands. The beautifully designed bag will be fascinating, and even if the bag is printed with eye-catching trademarks or advertisements, customers will be happy to reuse it. Therefore, this handbag has become one of the most efficient and affordable advertising media at present.
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