Shaped Plastic Bag For Snack Packaging

Shaped Plastic Bag For Snack Packaging

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Shaped plastic bag for snack packaging is a flexible package, which refers to a package whose shape can be changed after filling or removing the contents. Various bags, boxes, sleeves, envelopes, etc. made of paper, aluminum foil, fiber, plastic film and composites thereof are all in flexible packaging. The soft bag of plastic bag is made into a certain shape before the product is loaded or when the product is loaded. The most common is to heat seal the plastic side to form this shape.


The softened package has the characteristics of heat resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance and softness. Therefore, it is widely used in food packaging and pharmaceutical packaging. Due to the clear structure and three-dimensionality of the material printing products, coupled with the authenticity of color reproduction, it stimulates customers' desire to purchase.


1. Product innovation: understand industry trends, improve equipment and skills, quality inspection and control.

2. Product quality: high quality raw materials, production process and monitoring, independent laboratory, product tracking and inspection.

3. Capability advantages: excellent equipment, rich production experience, reasonable workshop planning and strong technical force.



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