Sandwich Packaging

The sandwich bag is made of a unique opening method of anti-fog and breathable BOPP film. The inner side of the pull bag is equipped with an inner membrane to prevent direct contact between the hands and food. It is suitable for sandwich packaging in fast food restaurants, supermarkets, chain stores and food processing industries.
Our sandwich bags are subject to food safety and quality requirements. We use packaging films that meet national standards. This food packaging bag is flat, free from scratches, burns, air bubbles and wrinkles, without a virtual seal. The printing uses green materials, and our production environment is up to standard, avoiding contamination of food bags during bag making.
This OPP bag has the characteristics of high transparency and verticality. It is made up of a single piece of OPP plastic film folded on the side and sealed with a self-adhesive seal on the open tongue. When used, the product is peeled off to protect the skin on the surface of the seal, and then the tongue is folded and fastened. The top of the bag can be fitted with a chuck (pearl film) to fully demonstrate the nature and characteristics of the internal product. It is easy to use, beautiful and elegant, and can also print a variety of beautiful patterns according to customer needs.
We are one of reliable sandwich packaging manufacturers and suppliers in China. We wholesale quality and standard sandwich packaging from our factory. We would like to cooperate with you.
  • Transparent Sandwich Packaging Film

    Transparent Sandwich Packaging Film

    1. Transparent Sandwich Packaging Film is made of food grade plastic and is safe and non-toxic.
    2. Its highly transparent plastic packaging design can better display food and improve visibility
    3. Easy to tear strip design is convenient and...
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  • Laminated Sandwich Bag

    Laminated Sandwich Bag

    Laminated Sandwich Bag
    1. BOPP anti-fog film can prevent fog from appearing inside the bag;
    2. This bag has high barrier properties to keep food clean;
    3. Special techniques for packaging to avoid direct contact with food;
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  • Sandwich Plastic Film Packing

    Sandwich Plastic Film Packing

    Sandwich Plastic Film Packing
    1) Material: BOPP
    2) Customers' designs and logos are welcomed
    3) Size: custom size
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