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The Main Function Of Vacuum Packaging
- Oct 10, 2017 -

The purpose of vacuum packaging of vacuum food bags for plastic bags manufacturers is to reduce the oxygen content in packages, to prevent mildew and spoilage of packaged foods, to hold the color and fragrance of food, and to extend the shelf life. The main function of vacuum packaging is oxygen, to help prevent food spoilage, the principle is relatively simple, because food rotting metamorphic mainly by microbial activity caused, and most microorganisms survival is need oxygen, and vacuum packaging is the use of this principle, the bag bag and the food inside the cell oxygen removed. The microbial lose "living environment", so the oxygen can effectively prevent food spoilage, maintain its color, aroma, taste and nutritional value.

Vacuum deaerator in addition to inhibit microbial growth and reproduction, another important function is to prevent the oxidation of food, the food contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, by oxygen oxidation, the deterioration of foods, oxidation of vitamin A and C loss, unstable substances in food pigment by the action of oxygen, so that dark.

A vacuum food bag is filled with a mixture of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and a single gas after vacuum. The nitrogen is an inert gas which acts as a filling and keeps the positive pressure in the bag to prevent the air outside the bag from entering the bag. It plays a protective role in the food. The food bag to prevent food spoilage caused by the conditions to achieve the purpose of protection of food, food is to create a vacuum environment, causing food spoilage microorganisms and other conditions are no longer.

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