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Is Food Plastic Bag Heating Harmful?
- Oct 10, 2017 -

The weather gets colder, you buy breakfast will find vendors will plastic packaged Soybean Milk or milk soaked in hot water, so that it will be when we drink is warm; if you buy food or drink some cold and some people will choose to put into the microwave oven heated slightly, but many plastic packaging of food in heating after a dull plastic taste, whether these are the legendary plasticizer or other additives are harmful to human body?

In this regard, Professor Lu Yun of the school of chemistry and chemical engineering of Nanjing University introduces that the plastic products are generally made of polyethylene and polypropylene. They are heated by soaking in water and should be safe. At the same time, but also a lot of food containing plastic products to add some other additives, such as releasing agent and lubricant additives, in high temperature, some active components may break out, but the high temperature can't be our bubble when the hot water temperature to 100 DEG C are not.

In the past two years, the new packaging in China's beverage market has gradually increased. At present, there are several kinds of plastic used in beverage packaging:

1, PE (polyethylene):

PE is the largest synthetic resin in the world and the largest amount of plastic packaging material. PE products are divided into three types: low density, medium density and high density.  High density polyethylene (HDPE) has higher crystallinity, hardness, air tightness, mechanical strength and chemical resistance is better, so it is widely used in blow molding to make bottles and other hollow containers. With PE's good heat sealing properties, the containers made of various composite materials can be filled with lemon juice, fruit juice and other beverages.

2, PVC (PVC):PVC can be divided into hard products, soft products and paste products in three categories. PVC bottle injection stretch blow method for the production of seamless, bottle wall thickness, containing carbonated drinks such as cola and soda; using PVC bottle extrusion blow molding production is only suitable for containing juice and mineral water.

3, PP (polypropylene): Polypropylene transparent packaging bottle development is in recent years domestic and international plastic packaging a hot spot. With the transparent modifier — — a successful development of nucleating agent, adding 0.1%&mdash in ordinary PP; — 0.4% shrinkage xylene (Ben Jiaquan) Sorbitol Nucleating agent, high transparent PP bottles produced can be widely used for thermal sterilization such as concentrated fruit juice to high-temperature filling beverage packaging, its price suitable temperature, pressure resistance, is a new rival PS, ABS, PET, PE bottle.

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