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Attention To The Use Of Plastic Food Bags
- Oct 10, 2017 -

Wrapping food with plastic food bags is a common occurrence, but one often ignores the fact that some plastics are poisonous to humans. It is easy to pick up a plastic bag and use it for food.

PVC plastic is a toxic variety; PVC resin is non-toxic, but in the process of making plastic, adding plasticizers, two benzyl alcohol, two butyl, or two benzoic acid, two octyl ester, they are toxic. In addition, some plastic products added stabilizer, which added stabilizer is mainly stearic acid lead, is also toxic, this is very easy to lead salt precipitation, once entered the body will result in accumulation of lead poisoning, so the food packing should be used when special food bag, can not be used indiscriminately in use should pay attention to the following points:

1., PVC products and ethanol, ether and other solvents will lead precipitation, so the use of PVC plastic products stored in alcohol food is very inappropriate.

2. PVC in case of oily food, which lead will dissolve into food, so it is not suitable for packing oily food.

3. PVC plastic use temperature above 50 degrees, there will be a slow precipitation of HC, this gas is harmful to human health.

4. waste plastics recycling products, due to complex sources of raw materials, inevitably with toxic ingredients, nor can be used for food packaging.

People usually use packaged polythene and polypropylene plastic products without food additives. It is reassuring to use them as food bags.

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