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Advantages Of Paper Bag Materials
- Oct 10, 2017 -

Plastic packaging materials of transparent film composed of multilayer composite membrane, thus blocking bacteria resistance, long storage time, at 150 to 180 DEG C sealing pressure sealing machine and retention time sealtight; pyrogen monitoring of various sterilization, bacterial culture monitoring, chemical indicator monitoring, sterilization indicators reached the requirements.

Good penetrability, can make the gas safety penetration sterilization, and can discharge cold air bag, achieve complete sterilization effect; good drainage, weight per square meter from 56 to 70 g plastic packaging materials, the paper will not cause drainage devices in condensing steam sterilization water formed in the process of sterilization; hot humid paper, good toughness, no crack.

Paper bags emblazoned with two kinds of chemical discoloration pressure steam and ethylene oxide indicator point (the equivalent of package chemical indicator tape effects), from the appearance of different colors can be shown clearly distinguish the items after sterilization. For convenience of management, the name of the package, the date of sterilization, the validity of the operation, the name of the operator and the name of the checker are directly written on the paper surface, thus eliminating the trouble of sticking the chemical indication adhesive tape and various labels.

The use of plastic packaging to reduce the loss of sterilization costs and items not commonly used all kinds of packages; the sterilized items stored in a short time, expired items must be re cleaning, packaging, packaging need to replace the suture needle, wire, blade, after washing the cloth bag to place chemical indicator cards, package paste chemical indicator tape, and the need to increase the loss of sterilization, disinfection center. At present, the type of surgery increased significantly, sterile packet increases, many commonly used aseptic package utilization rate is relatively low, but the clinical departments of first aid and treatment of essential, sterilization time consuming, the bag paper packaging materials packaging, not only stored for a long time, and can supply the clinical use, the need to repeat the sterilization. Reduce the loss. The use of plastic packaging materials, to ensure adequate reserve operation items, avoid the daily check this kind of goods, reduce the touch of aseptic package number, the number of the commonly used sterilization sterilization items from the original 1 times a week, reduced to 1 per half year time, repeated sterilization rate is greatly reduced, but also reduces the the rate of loss of sterile articles.

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