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What are the advantages and disadvantages of vacuum packaging bags?
- Oct 10, 2017 -

Food vacuum packaging bags do bring convenience to our life, but it was a convenient but lasting harm. Food vacuum packaging bag recycling value is low, in addition to the use of scattered in the city streets, tourist areas, water, roads and railways on both sides of "visual pollution" caused by pollution, it still exists potential harm. Plastic structure is stable, not easy to be degraded by natural microorganisms, and not separated in the natural environment for a long time. This means that if plastic waste is not recycled, it will become a permanent pollutant in the environment and will continue to accumulate. It will cause great harm to the environment.

First, it affects the development of agriculture. Waste plastic products are constantly accumulated in the soil, which will affect the absorption of nutrients and water, resulting in crop failure.

Second, it poses a threat to animal survival. Abandoned plastic waste on land or in water; swallowed by animals as food and killed animals. Last year, there were 20 herdsmen on the lakeside of Qinghai. Nearly 1000 sheep were killed, and the economic loss was about about 300000 yuan. Love to eat sheep oily residue food vacuum packaging bag wrapped folder, but often even the food vacuum packaging bag to eat it, because the plastic food for a long time under the retention in the stomach to digest, the stomach was filled with sheep, cannot eat, finally can only be alive and starved to death. Such things are common in zoos, in pastoral areas, in rural areas, and in the ocean.

Third, waste plastics will not only take up a large amount of land, but also be occupied by the land for a long time to recover, and affect the sustainable use of land. Into the domestic waste of waste plastic products, if its landfill, 200 years without degradation. There is great harm to the land, change the pH value of the impact of crop nutrients and moisture, resulting in agricultural production, and abandoned in the water or on the land of plastic products, not only affects the environment, and if the passive ingestion can lead to death. This undermines the ecological balance.

Shopping at supermarkets and shopping fairs and providing food vacuum packaging bags have already become a habit in our life.  However, food vacuum packaging bags, while providing convenience to consumers, have also caused serious waste of energy resources and environmental pollution due to excessive use and difficult recycling. Especially the ultra-thin food vacuum packaging bags easily damaged, and our people's awareness of environmental protection is weak, mostly discarded after use, scattered in the city streets, tourist areas, water, railway and highway both sides caused a "visual pollution" and become the main source of "white pollution". At present, more and more countries and regions have restricted the production, sale and use of plastic shopping bags. The restriction of our country means that our living habits will inevitably change, and we will return to the food basket to buy food. Therefore, many opinions and opinions have been aroused. Some of them may be accustomed to the convenience of food vacuum packaging bags in life, and ignore the hazards caused by them.

The food vacuum package was invented in October 24, 1902 by Max Schuschny, a scientist in Austria. This kind of packing is light and strong, and is very popular with customers and businessmen.  As a result, stores and food markets are offering free plastic bags.  But 100 years later, the invention brought us serious environmental problems. As the food vacuum packed bags are mostly made of non renewable degradable materials, the plastic structure is stable and not easy to be degraded by natural microorganisms, and it is not separated in the natural environment for a long time. These white waste can only be dug, buried or burned at high temperature. These two methods are not conducive to environmental protection. Plastic waste landfill will not only take up a lot of land, the land is occupied and no long-term recovery, food vacuum packaging bag is buried in the ground, takes more than 200 years to decay, there is great harm to the land, the land will change the pH of the polluted soil, affecting crops absorb nutrients and moisture, resulting in agricultural production, impact on the sustainable use of land. The burning of harmful smoke and dust and toxic gases, the same will cause pollution of the atmospheric environment. As a result, food vacuum packaging bags have become "the worst invention of mankind in the twentieth Century"". The implementation of plastic limit order is to solve or alleviate a series of environmental problems caused by the excessive use of food vacuum packaging bags.

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