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The usage, material and application range of vacuum packing bag
- Oct 10, 2017 -

Vacuum packaging bags are widely used in the food field, and are used in the food range where vacuum preservation is necessary. Used to extract air from a plastic bag and add nitrogen or other gas that is not harmful to the food.

The important function of vacuum packing bag:

1, in a vacuum environment to prevent microbial growth environment, avoid environment pollution, reduce the oxidation rate of food more than fat in meat food, the enzymes microorganisms growing environment are restrained.

2, vacuum packaging bags can play the food itself does not evaporate the water, mobile site development, cut water loss, and maintain product quality.

3. The beauty of the bag itself in the vacuum packaging bag makes it easy for people to have an intuitive feeling of products and increase the desire to buy.

Let's also discuss the details of vacuum bags.

Vacuum packaging bag used anti oxidation which prevent oxygen permeability and shrinkage of excellent polyvinylidene chloride two ethylene, polyester, polyamide material; some will use nylon, polyester film and polyethylene composite multilayer material. As mentioned earlier, polyvinylidene chloride two is the best film type for oxygen barrier vapor, but it is not heat-resistant. Polyester has a great tensile strength. Nylon has good oxygen resistance and good heat resistance, but the water vapor transmission rate is too large and the manufacturing cost is great. So overall, most manufacturers will choose the composite material to select the advantages and disadvantages of various films.

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