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How to identify plastic packaging bags for poisonous food?
- Oct 10, 2017 -

Food plastic packaging bags are often used in people's lives, but must be careful when using them. Some plastic bags are poisonous and can not be used to load food directly.

First, use the eye observation

Non-toxic plastic bags are white, transparent or slightly transparent, uniform texture; toxic plastic bags are colored or white, but poor transparency, turbidity, plastic surface uneven stretch, there are small particles.

Two listen with your ears

Shake the plastic bag with your hands and make a crisp sound, indicating a non-toxic plastic bag; and a small, stuffy one is a poisonous plastic bag.

Three. Touch with your hands

Touch the surface of the plastic bag by hand. It is smooth and non-toxic. The hair is sticky, unsmooth and waxy. It is poisonous.

Four. Smell it with your nose

Non-toxic plastic packaging bags are tasteless; having a pungent odor or abnormal taste; toxic.

Five. Submerged test

Put the plastic bag in the water and push it to the bottom of the water by hand. Wait a moment. The surface of the plastic bag is a non-toxic plastic bag. It is a poisonous plastic packing bag that sinks in the bottom of the water.

Six, combustion method

Non-toxic plastic bags are flammable, the flame tipped with yellow, local blue, like a burning candle tears like dropping, paraffin wax taste; toxic plastic bags are not easy to burn, the fire is out, the tip of the flame is yellow, the bottom green, can soften the drawing.

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