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How to choose the material of packing?
- Oct 10, 2017 -

Effects of packaging materials packaging bags, packaging bags collocation of different materials often have different characteristics, some high, some low temperature resistance, some anti-static, some people often think that the packaging material is not like plastics, in fact not, packaging materials inside there are many mysteries

One, PE bag (plastic bag)

Polyethylene bags, or PE bags, are the most widely used packaging materials at present. There are two kinds of low density PE bags and high-density PE bags. The low density PE bags are breathable and breathable, while the high-density PE bags are smaller.

As the economic benefits of PE bag, cheap, moisture resistance is also good, the shortcomings is transparent, anti gas poor, can not be used in individual tea packaging. The exercise of polythene bags can best add a layer of light resistance and low permeability of the outside packaging, such as synthetic paper cans, cans and other PE bag permeability is bigger, also difficult to solve the packing bag of oxygen subject, is not the ideal packaging material.

Two, metal cans

Metal cans good extrusion resistance, good texture, early with PE bag packaging for tea packaging, but because the price is expensive, and the corrosion current deformation, has been gradually reduced. The metal cans within the paint smell and cover mouth closed enough should not be used alone.

Three. Synthetic paper can

Synthetic paper cans are the most widely used packing materials at present. Their advantages are economical, light and beautiful. They are breathable and moisture permeable, and should not be used alone. It is best to use PE bags or aluminium foil laminated bags for inner packing. This article is from West Lake Longjing information platform

Four aluminium foil laminated bag

Aluminum foil laminated bag is beautiful and elegant, its advantages are invisible, anti wet, excellent oxygen resistance, only the price is more expensive than the PE bag, and there will be extrusion problem when used alone. Laminated aluminum foil bag for vacuum or nitrogen or deoxidizer, with packing boxes or synthetic paper cans, the tea storage moisture, gas, light, oxygen can be the perfect solution, then low temperature storage is the most perfect preservation method of tea.

Five, glass jar, magnetic pot, wooden box, carton

Although the glass tank is strong in air resistance and damp proof, it is light, fragile, heavy and expensive. Magnetic tank or pots can be dark but with a glass jar similar fragile and heavy, if handled improperly box, easily lead to absorb odor and moisture permeability of Wuhan tea carton or paper bag design, hygroscopic rupture, tea packaging materials of these materials are not ideal.

Six, nitrogen or vacuum packaging

Vacuum packaging, because the bags will shrink Xinjiang personnel examination center, in order to avoid re extrusion collision and beauty, should be put on the outer packing protection. Nitrogen packaging will swell bags, but also can not be squeezed, so as not to burst bags. The two will be added to the packaging, preservation also has excellent results, but the investment is more expensive.


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