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How to check the quality of vacuum bags and plastic bags?
- Oct 10, 2017 -

Vacuum packed bags are especially widely used in daily life. The food packaging plastic bags as related to food safety and people's daily life mutual sympathy, so much attention.

The storage of many foods needs to be kept in vacuum, and the quality of the vacuum packed bags directly affects the length of the shelf life of the food. Then, how can we identify the quality of vacuum packed plastic bags?

Identification of vacuum packaging bags quality, first of all to observe the surface of vacuum packaging bags, high quality food vacuum packaging bags in appearance, there is no significant traces of scraping. There is no pinhole leak, the most important thing is to check whether the seal qualified. Vacuum inspection of food vacuum packaging bags is the most important. You can put your hands into the bag and tear it in the opposite direction on the average. Tear, even if the seal deformation occurs, it will not delamination, site keywords optimization, such sealing strength is very high. The vacuum bag is broken with a slight tear, and the sealing strength is low. In actual life, vacuum packaging bags of CPE materials are more strength than OPP materials.

Plastic bags of food packaging not only to detect the sealing performance, but also to detect the permeability and puncture resistance of packing bag. Can a colorant is added to the vacuum food packaging bag, and then sealed food vacuum packaging bag placed horizontally on the paper, five or six minutes later to see whether the color filter, the packaging bag in turn test again. Detection of resistance to pitting can be food vacuum packaging bag from a certain height vertical drop on the ground in the rough. After falling without rupture, strong wear hole notes.

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