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Food packaging bag, product selection, use mistake
- Oct 10, 2017 -

Plastic products, especially plastic packaging bags, can be found everywhere in our daily life, but many people lack the expertise to choose and use them.

Misunderstanding 1. The thicker the plastic bags, the better. Many people choose to use plastic bags when they think that the thicker they feel, the stronger they are, the better the quality. In fact, the country is to have strict standards and requirements of all kinds of plastic bags product specifications, especially for food packaging bags and plastic bags, plastic bags should be sure to choose the regular manufacturers of products, to ensure the safety of. Second, look at the plastic bag in the light, the qualified product is clean, no impurity, and the inferior product is not. As usual, plastic packing bags must be more than 0.025mm in thickness.

Misunderstanding two, in the face of different colors of plastic bags, mistakenly believe that the color of the beautiful better. The color of plastic packaging bags in plastic packaging bag manufacturers in the process of adulteration of APP application made of chemical materials, and relatively more beautiful color composition content is higher, so the color, suggest that you choose color in daily life is relatively simple, such as plastic bags containing less chemical additives.

Misunderstanding three, plastic bags repeatedly used without distinction, the existence of potential harm to the body. Trust many people have stored waste plastic packing bags for two times of repeated use of the customs, it is not what is wrong, but do not waste plastic bags, even looked very clean plastic bags, packaging and for direct contact with food. As plastic products react with food, they produce chemical reactions which produce toxic and harmful substances and cause harm to the health of the body.

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