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Development status of food packaging materials in China
- Oct 10, 2017 -

In addition to concerns about the safety of the food itself, more attention has also been paid to the safety of food packaging materials. Food safety is important, but because other materials cause pollution, the damage is also very large. In recent years, all kinds of food on the market are worried about plastic pollution, such as plasticizers, if the food bag itself performance stability is not high, it will easily lead to chemical action with food, causing pollution.

Plastic packaging industry maintains an average annual growth rate of 7% annually. From 2011 to 2015, the total output value is expected to exceed 600 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of about 16%. By product classification, the output of Chinese paper packaging products can reach 36 million tons by 2015, 9 million 460 thousand tons of plastic packaging products, 4 million 910 thousand tons of metal packaging products, 15 million 500 thousand tons of glass packaging products, 1 million 200 thousand sets of packaging machinery. Obviously, the packaging industry has great potential.

Because the plastic itself has the advantage, the future will be in the company of international electronic information, monopoly; in terms of equipment, there is a big gap between the processing precision of domestic equipment, drawing speed and process parameters control with foreign equipment, so a strong functional plastic film can meet the urgent needs of the national economy and downstream industries. "12th Five-Year" period, put forward higher requirements of energy saving and environmental protection, new energy, high-end equipment manufacturing industry and the emerging industry of biotechnology with matching plastic performance, various functions such as high barrier film, electrical insulating film, battery isolation membrane, optical film, photovoltaic solar cell encapsulation film film.

Secondly, the lightweight technology is still focused on import. At present, special polyester film, aerospace, biotechnology, urban transportation and other fields play an indispensable role. China Plastics Association recently published the "plastic processing industry technological progress" in 12th Five-Year "guiding opinions on development", clearly pointed out that the plastic processing industry development direction is functional, lightweight and micro molding. Wu Yaogen believes that this applies to the functional film industry as well.

First of all, support for energy reduction is provided. The traditional materials and technologies can not meet the requirements of the low-carbon economy. Therefore, it is possible for the new environmentally friendly, lightweight and high strength materials to be processed and molded to make plastic films more lightweight.

Finally, the micro forming technology integrates the most advanced technology from the equipment to the forming process, including 3D printing, micro injection molding, molding packing, will expand the application of plastic film in high precision parts, to meet the demand of micro plastic parts.

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